Baku White City will be one of the largest modern projects in  the world, built entirely on ecologically reclaimed industrial zone
221 ha development
Baku White City will encompass 244 ha, making it largest development in Caucasus region – 11 times the size of Iceri Shahar in Baku and more than Monaco

50 000 residents
When completed BWC will be able to accommodate the population of Principality of Andorra

39 ha landscape
1/3 size of the Hyde Park – one of the largest parks in London

10 districts
BWC is split into a 10 neighborhoods or districts. The effective delivery of each of the districts  is crucial in order to realize the overall vision of the masterplan.

4.5 mln sqm gross built area

20 000 residential and commercial units

48 000 workplaces
When completed BWC will be able to provide 48 000  workplaces for its residents

40 000 parking places
BWC will have one of the largest per capita parking place

Extension of  Boulevard Line
BWC will add 1.3 km to existing Boulevard Line of Baku, making it largest in the world

65 meters proposed observation wheel
Waterfront line will accommodate 65 meter high observation wheel — twice the current and higher than Roue de Paris

4 ha  new Fountain Square
BWC’s Fountain Square will be twice the size of current Baku Fountain Square (2ha)

Landmark for each district
Landmarks in BWC will be highly individual structures which will help people orientate themselves through what would otherwise appear to be a homogenous environment. They include tall or singular buildings, gateway structures and bridges, often sited at the end of view corridors.

Largest Mall
Largest mall of the region will be located in BWC.

Open Mall
Baku White City Fountain Square will be a place for a modern Open Mall connecting to Baku City Mall via Nobel Avenue bridge

New metro station
23rd  metro station located at BWC Fountain Square will be the extension of existing Azadliq-Khatai line

Proximity to City Center
4 km away from Baku’s main landmark — Qiz Qalasi

MUSIC: Alim Qasimov & David Vendetta – “I’m Your Goddess”
Alim Qasimov feat. LOOper – “Insan”

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